Friday, 1 January 2016

Living Arrows 47/52 - 52/52

I haven't had the chance to write any posts for quite a few weeks - meaning I've missed a fair few living arrows posts. I thought I'd have a little catch up on this weeks post. It would be a shame to have a photo from every week of the year, excluding the last few weeks. 

Out of the six photos, half are phone photos, with the other half being taken on my camera. I really ought to try and get my camera out more often. I'm going to try and take it out at least once a week in 2016.

Osian absolutely loved the run up to Christmas. Although he was scared of Santa, he loved anything Santa related, pictures and toys of him, and most of all his Santa teddy. He grasped the concept of Christmas really well, a lot better than I was expecting. He was so excited going to bed on Christmas Eve, which was really lovely.






Living Arrows

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