Monday, 9 November 2015

My Very Own Gift Company - Personalised Encyclopaedia & Place Mat

Osian has recently received two lovely gifts from My Very Own Gift Company. Who are a company that specialises in gorgeous hand crafted personalised gifts for children. There's a lovely little video on their website, which show gives a great insight to their products, and showcases them all in use.
Firstly, Osian received a personalised place mat. Which comes in the option of two designs, and both come in either pink or blue. I decided to go for the contemporary design. The top centre of the mat is personalised with Osian's name, his date of birth, star sign and a message from me. You can choose your own message, but I just couldn't think of any, so My Very Own Gift Company helped me by giving me a list as inspiration, and I ended up choosing one from the list. The mat's filled with the alphabet, and an object along with each letter. The letters are written in upper and lower case, then underneath it says a word beginning with that letter, e.g. 'f is for flag'. For some reason I thought the mat would be quite thin, but it's thick and of good quality. It's easily wiped clean and has plenty room for Osian's cutlery, plate and drink. The mat's also handy to use when Osian's colouring, especially with felt tips, as he makes such a mess with those at the moment.
Secondly, Osian received a gorgeous personalised encyclopaedia. I love all things personalised, and I'm a huge fan of children's book, so I was very excited to see this book. It's Osian's first book like this, and he loves it. The cover's lovely and colourful, filled with pictures, and titled Osian Wyn's encyclopaedia. The book comes in either hard or soft covering. The first page includes a little poem and a personalised message. Again, I was given a list of messages as inspiration. I fell in love with a Dr. Seuss quote from the list, so opted for that as the message. The main content of the book is a page for each letter of Osian's name. On the left hand page, there's his full name, with a letter highlighted in blue and that's the letter that the page is designated to. On the right hand page, there is four different words beginning with the particular letter, including a beautifully illustrated picture and short description. In each description, the word being described is highlighted blue. I can imagine this being a useful tool when a child's learning to read.
If a letter comes up twice, there are different objects are on each set page for that letter. In our case, the letter N comes up twice, one page includes net, nose, night and nut. Whilst the other includes nail, nest, necklace and newspaper. For words such as nail, both definitions are included.

The last page is filled with the alphabet, with a word and picture for each letter. This is Osian's favourite page, he sits there pointing to the different pictures asking 'what's that', then hands it to me because it's my turn to ask him. He knew the animals and foods before hand, but he's become familiar with many of the other objects, and can nearly name the whole page.
Overall, I'm very impressed by both the book and mat, we both really like them. I love how colourful they both are, the quality can't be faulted, and I love that they're hand crafted. Osian really likes the both of them. He enjoys using his mat, and can spend ages pointing at all the different things. Whilst book's become a firm favourite of his, we've read it many a time before bed, and also looked through it during the day. I think the books going to be very useful in teaching Osian about the spelling of his name, and understanding the concept of different letters.
I think both would make a lovely Christmas or birthday present, for children of all ages. The encyclopaedia could also be great as a gift for children starting school.
Osian's book's definitely going to be kept as a keepsake. Actually, as will the mat, I don't think I could ever part with either of them, they're just too lovely.
Osian telling us what noise the elephant in the book makes

My Very Own Gift Company currently have 20% off their entire range, with the code MVOG20!

Disclosure - We were sent the book and mat for the purpose of an honest review, all words and opinions are my own.


  1. I love the idea of the encyclopaedia - that looks great! Good for teaching letters of their names an added bonus. #cssupport

  2. Alice & Amelia New Young Mum9 November 2015 at 22:54

    What lovely products. I was just looking for an encyclopaedia for Amelia and think I'll definitely have to get one now!

  3. What a fantastic idea for a Christmas present! I lovd the sound of both but the book is the one I really like. Great review

  4. What a fantastic sounding company. I love personalised gifts. The encyclopaedia looks great. It looks like a true unique gift for someone. It's so bright, colourful and child friendly x

  5. Aw, they look lovely. Might be an idea for Tyger next year. He's just starting to get interested in letters and numbers but I think next year is when he'll actually recognise them better.

  6. Lianne Thebrunettesays10 November 2015 at 09:38

    Oh I love this, the encyclopaedia is beautiful and what a lovely thing to keep!! #commentsharesupport

  7. Leanne Cornelius10 November 2015 at 10:23

    These are both so lovely, I especially like the encyclopaedia, I'm quite annoyed that I've just finished Christmas shopping for my nephew as this would have been perfect!

  8. Oh what a really clever idea this is, I love that it is like a proper encyclopedia and not a paperback x

  9. Love these, such great learning tools for little ones x

  10. Oh these are just beautiful, perfect for Christmas too!

  11. Odd Socks and Lollipops10 November 2015 at 21:56

    This looks great, I love personalised books and this would make a great Christmas pressie =)

  12. That is such a lovely book and one that will be treasured for years to come

  13. Catherine @ Story Snug13 November 2015 at 08:36

    These both look really beautiful. I will definitely be checking out the website :)


  14. Victoria Welton14 November 2015 at 16:54

    What beautiful gifts - such a great idea and beautiful keepsake. Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo x