Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Osian at 23 Months

Last week, Osian turned 23 months old. Meaning it's his second birthday next month. Time's been going by just so fast recently, I just can't believe he's nearly two. It just feels so surreal that my little baby's going to be two.

Last month, I noticed how Osian doesn't babble away in Osian language so much, well this month I haven't heard any of the way he used to babble. Rather than him babbling away in Osian language, he sits saying words - often saying 'two two two'. He seems to be trying to say a new words most days, and has started putting the odd two words together. He's even said two little three word sentences, 'where are we?' and 'where are you?'. It's lovely being able to hear his cute little voice more and more each day.

Osian can be quite particular about things, especially socks. If I'm not wearing socks when I go and get him in the mornings, the first thing he does is say 'socks', which is him telling me to put some on. One day he was very selective over socks, he'd only wear a certain pair!

Osian has an ever growing love for collecting sticks and stones, he manages to find some wherever we go. When we're out for a walk, Osian will spend a great deal of time picking up sticks, then swapping them for bigger ones along the way. He can end up carrying one's that are almost as big as him. One day, there was a fallen branch on the side of the path, which Osian took a huge liking to, and wasn't best pleased he couldn't swap his stick for the branch. Upon finding a big stick, Osian shouts 'big one' whilst putting on a deep voice, often reminding me the whole way home about the big stick.

Osian can be such a sweetheart at times. Whilst we we're out for a walk one day, Osian was carrying a big dinosaur (the one in the first picture). Osian stumbled and fell, the first thing he did was pick up the dinosaur and said 'kay', asking if the dinosaur was okay. When playing at home, he often makes his toys cups of tea and asks them so sweetly if they want cake.

This month Osian has enjoyed colouring, playing with stickers, taking his toy trolley to the shop, playing with toy figures, doing jigsaws, and playing with his trains. Recently, Osian has liked to take big items out the house with him, such as his toy trolley or pram, or his big sweeping brush. It's quite rare that he'll leave the house without any big toys.

Osian's very shy at first, and can take quite a while to come around with people. But when he does, he's such a little character. He loves to make people laugh, and once he's got them to laugh, he then bursts out in this cute cackly laugh, it's so funny.

I'm looking forward to seeing what Osian gets up to this next month!


  1. you baby me mummy1 October 2015 at 15:22

    Oh he is such a cutie! Such a lovely update and it sounds like he is doing really well. The big one next month! x

  2. My little one is a few months older but is also quite particular. He gives me my dressing gown when it's time to get up and won't let me leave the bedroom without it. My boy also loves sticks although he has added leaves to things he will collect while we're out. Hope that Osian has a fabulous birthday next month x

  3. Michelle Murray1 October 2015 at 18:23

    aww he's such a little cutie. My little J is quite shy too but then once he knows someone he does come out of his shell a little. I think its an age thing

  4. He really is adorable! I love following what he's getting up to, and how you capture all these beautiful moments! x

  5. Kellie Kearney1 October 2015 at 20:56

    Freaking love his little leggings. Sorry I'm obsessed with leggings and all the cute different designs.
    I love when they start putting sentences together, it's so cute. Soon we'll be begging them to shush lol

  6. newcastle familylife1 October 2015 at 21:57

    Aw bless I can't believe he is almost two! I remember reading your blog when he was so much younger and just a baby still. xx

  7. Amanda Mc Guinness1 October 2015 at 22:05

    What a cutie! He has beautiful little eyes! It is so exciting when they start to get their little words, it is almost like magic x

  8. Ahhh it's amazing how quickly the first two years go by! I hope Osian has a wonderful 2nd birthday, I'm sure he will! He sounds like a very happy little boy x

  9. Hi is super cute. I love this age as its so wonderful to finally see your child's personality shine through. Lovely post x

  10. Oh love him! As you know, as Osian turns two, Pickle turns three - time flies by so quickly. I hope you have a great month together. Kaz x

  11. Osian is so cute, what was the inspiration behind the name? Love the nonsense babble too he is at that stage now!