Tuesday, 15 July 2014


In my previous post I mentioned that my Aunty was down for the weekend and she brought down her Granddaughter. In that post I talked about what we did on the Saturday, well on Sunday we went to Beaumaris and had another ice cream by the beach. I like going to Beaumaris, it's a nice place to visit but it's always busy if you go on the weekend. 

Firstly we all enjoyed a lovely ice cream by the sea. The ice cream shop is amazing, I LOVE their ice creams. Osian enjoyed a biscuit while we eat our ice creams by the sea. Afterwards Tara and Imogen built sandcastles. I decided to take Osian for a little walk while they were playing. Lastly we went to the park where Osian had a fun on the swing. Then it was time to go home, we only went for the afternoon. 

There is also a big castle in Beaumaris, a pier and lots of cafes. So you could really spend the whole day there if the weathers nice.

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  1. Lovely photos :) Hope you had a lovely Day. x