Sunday, 1 November 2015

Worn By Osian - The Halloween Edition

This week's been one filled with Halloween inspired outfits. Osian has really loved all the Halloween themed things about recently, he's definitely going to miss them - especially next time we go to Tesco's the whole first isle will be completely different.

First up's Friday's outfit. I really like the jumper which is from Zara, who had a gorgeous Halloween collection, and was one which was reasonably priced. The jumpers teamed up with a pair of joggers from H&M. Typically, I didn't think to take any pictures before we got all mucky, but thankfully this pictures not too bad. Plus I love Osian's facial expression, I took the photo while he was admiring the branches of a big tree.
Jumper - Zara | Trousers - H&M

This is my favourite outfit from the week. I love the leggings - they're just amazing. They're from a shop called Sewn to Swoon. Osian really likes his bat trousers too, he likes all his printed clothes with animals/character, he often sits having a good look at his trousers whilst in the car.

I wasn't sure whether to put a long black sleeved top with these leggings or something coloured, I decided to go for a bright orange top that I picked up from Asda, You can't see in the photo, but it says 'Wicked Little Dude'.
Jacket & Top - George at Asda | Leggings - Sewn To Swoon 

I didn't get any good photo's of his other Halloween-y outfits from the week. Now that Osian's at nursery and I'm at uni, we don't seem to get the chance to take many photos. However, I do have a photo of Osian's costume from yesterday evening to share -
Little Monster Osian


  1. Oh my goodness how awesome are these outfits! I love that pumpkin jumper from Zara, it's so cute and fab that he'll be able to wear it again. Those bat leggings are amazing!! I love all things monochrome and these have such a great print as well. Will have to check out that brand. Thanks so much for linking up with us and hope you've had a great weekend lovey :) #weekendministyle

  2. What a gorgeous halloween boy! Those bat leggings are ace for being more than just halloween and I like ve the pumpkin jumper x #TT_Thursday

  3. I love love those leggings!! Off to go and swoon at them now!!

  4. Love the leggings from Sewn to Swoon. Osian looks so cute!!! #TT_Thursday I MUST HAVE THEM!

  5. I'm sure Osian will love the supermarket when he sees the Halloween aisle has been replaced by Christmas, just you watch haha! Lovely outfits, the pumpkin jumper is my favourite. Thank you for sharing #TT_Thursday

  6. Those leggings are sooo cute! And what a cute little monster! I understand your struggle to find time for photos. I am a full-time teacher and my girls go to day care. By the time I get off and pick them up, they are both tired and cranky and not in good moods for photos. Also, we just entered daylight savings time so now it gets dark by 5 p.m. Uggghh! -- Amy @

  7. These are awesome! I love that you had so many different Halloweeny clothes for him, and I love those bat trousers, SO CUTE! We were a bit boring this year and used a dress form last year :) #TT_Thursday

  8. Ahh I love all of these, those bat trousers are awesome! The little monster outfit is super cute too, reminds me of monsters inc.x #TT_Thursday

  9. Those bat trousers are fabulous! Loving the Zara jumper too :)

    Thanks for linking up to #FunkyKidFriday xx