Thursday, 5 November 2015

Mummy and Me - October

I really cannot believe that October's been and gone - this year's going by unbelievably fast. This past month's been quite a busy one, it saw Osian turn two, and it's been my first full month back at uni. I've been trying to make the most of our weekends now that we don't have the week together, thankfully the weathers been quite good so have managed to get out and do something every weekend. North Wales is an amazing place to live when we have good weathers, there's just so much to do. Unfortunately we have a very limited amount of indoor activities, I think we're going to spend many a winter weekend wrapped up in our coats and wellies, unless it's just too windy and rainy, then I'll have to try and think of some activities for in the house.

I've got a three pictures to share this month, and two of them aren't even selfies. I realised recently I don't have many photos of Osian and I that aren't taken on my front camera, so I'm glad we got a couple this month taken outside by someone else.   

This first photo's from when we went to a Railway Museum on the weekend that was a couple of days after Osian's birthday. Osian had a great time looking at all the old steam trains.We went with my parents, and it was pretty weird sitting in the back of the car. I love Osian's cheeky little smile in this photo! 

The second photo's from our trip to the butterfly farm. We'd gone on Osian's birthday, and the ticket was valid for another six days afterwards, so we went again on the Sunday. This time my parents and sister came along too. On our first trip, I was surprised by how much there was to do. I was expecting it to just be the butterflies, but they had quite a lot of different animals. Osian really enjoyed looking at the farm animals, especially the pigs who were fast asleep, and I particularly liked the Meerkats.

A couple of weeks ago Osian and I went for a walk with my Dad along the beach, and I really love this photo my Dad took. I usually hate sand, but I had a lovely time building sandcastles with Osian, who absolutely loved playing with the sand,

Nicola... Life Through My Eyes


  1. Lovely lovely photos, he looks just like you in the first one! Love the one of you building sandcastles xx

  2. The months are flying by. Gorgeous pictures. I do love a good selfie but there's something so special about other people taking pictures. Xx