Friday, 11 September 2015

Weekend Mini Style #16

We've just the one outfit to share this week. Osian wore this outfit the other day - it was a last minute one. He had been wearing a different top, but needed to change. So I just grabbed this one quickly from his drawer, and I really love how his outfit looks. I usually put a black top with these leggings, but I love how the yellow brings some colour to the outfit. 
Top - River Island | Leggings - Tobias & the Bear

I just realised you can't see his top properly, it says ' JUST BEAR WITH ME', which is so cute!

I love this photo of Osian. I was going to take a photo of him throwing the stone in the water, and he unexpectedly turned to me and said 'cheese' - something which rarely happens. It's a shame the photo's not in focus, but I love it all the same.

This Mama Life


  1. I love love love that tshirt!!! And Tobias & The Bear are fast becoming my favourite legging place too.
    Whereabouts are you? Please don't tell me that stream is on your doorstep?

    1. It's hard not to buy all their lovely prints isn't it!
      I'm in North Wales :) it's about a 5/10 minute walk from us x

  2. That top is adorable, how did i not realise River Island did kids clothes!! #weekendministyle xx

  3. Aww he looks so happy playing by the river! Beauitufl outfit! Suz x

  4. The top goes really well with the leggings, it's an outdoorsy type of theme. I've never bought Joey any clothes from River Island. Fab outfit x

  5. Such a great outfit, his t-shirt did make me chuckle. Love the detail on his leggings. Thank you for sharing #TT_Thursday

  6. We love the black & yellow combo! Cute t-shirt as well! What a cheesy, cheeky grin #TT_Thursday x

  7. What a fab outfit and what gorgeous photos! He looks so happy! Tobias and the Bear leggings are awesome. I could spend a fortune on them! They look really good with the Yellow tee. It adds a pop of colour to the outfit and go perfectly. The shoes are super fun too. He's just too trendy! Thanks so much for linking up with us petal and hope you've had a great weekend :) x #weekendministyle

  8. Those leggings are soon cute!! #TT_Thursday

  9. Oh I have my eye on those leggings and your post isn't helping ;) haha in all seriousness though I love the outfit and I think that the pop of colour really works! xx