Monday, 28 September 2015

Living Arrows 39/52

I find it quite hard to take photos in the house. We don't get much natural light. so find I can never get them in focus. This week's photo is of Osian doing one of his favourite things - watching Peppa Pig. As much as I dislike Peppa, Osian loves watching it, and likes pretty much everything related to the programme. He gets so excited if we have the yoghurts with any of the pig's pictures on the side, he seems to particularly like the one's with George Pig and his dinosaur.

Living Arrows


  1. I hear you on the terrible light thing. Our house is SO dark it's unreal - and even worse in the winter!!

    Luckily my girl hasn't discovered Peppa Pig yet (I am dreading the day she does as from what I've seen, it's annoying) but she is all about In the Night Garden - which I don't mind too much. :)


    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  2. We have the same dark house issue although I do have one good room so most photos are taken in there or outside! The in front of a window or in a doorway is a favourite trick of mine too! My little one is coming to the end of the Peppa love and I can't say that I'm sorry about it!

    Thanks for joining in with Living Arrows x

  3. Our house is the same for light - I can only usually get indoor pictures in the height of summer - which with winter coming is a little depressing!!

  4. My kitchen is especially dark! Makes for terrible food pics. This is a super cute photo! My eldest loved Peppa & I can see my 1 year old going the same way - at least it will hopefully be diluted this time.