Sunday, 9 August 2015

The Meaning Behind My Blog Name

When I wrote my first little blog post back in January 2014, I decided to name my blog 'Baby and Me'. Osian wasn't even two months old back then. At the time it seemed like a perfect name, my blog was going to be about life with my new baby. Plus, I thought it sounded quite catchy. I loved Baby and Me, my new little blog.
A few months later I decided to purchase a domain, it was then pointed out to me that the name was a little constricted - it wouldn't grow with Osian. With a lot of hmm-ing and aaaah-ing, I decided to try and think of another name, one that will last. As I sat down to think of a name one just hit me, Loved by Mummy. I instantly loved it, I had a look to see if it was taken, then decided to go for it. My main reason that I decided to use Loved by Mummy, was that no matter what age Osian gets to, he will always be loved. Similarly to Baby and Me, I think it sounds like a blog about both Osian and I - the child being loved, and the mother behind that love.

I think the name came to me at that particular time due to the emtional roller coaster I felt as a new mum. I, as I believe many new mums do, felt a whole range of emotions, that I never knew existed prior to being a mum. The strongest of all feelings, the love I had for my new baby.


  1. I'd always wanted to know the meaning behind your blog name! :) I forgot about babyandme!
    Thanks so much for linking up x

  2. That is so lovely, I love both of your blog names, but you are right - loved by mummy has a longer lasting appeal to it =) I went through something similar my first blog name had the word baby in it which wouldn't have lasted very long!

  3. It is a perfect name for a parenting blog. Your choice couldn't be better.

  4. Aww! Lovely to know.....I love your blog name....It can grow with you and Osian! x

  5. I love your blog name, I can't imagine it being anything else. I think it's perfect for you and Osian.