Sunday, 30 August 2015

Osian at 22 Months

On the 22nd Osian turned 22 months old. I find it so hard to believe, that in just under two months time, my baby will be two.

I feel like Osian's changed a lot this month, he seems to have a much greater understanding of everything. He also seems to have grown a lot too, he suddenly seems so tall. He's grown out of a few of the smaller fitting 18-24 month trousers, but now fits perfectly into the rest of them, whereas some where a bit loose before. And he's now got 14 teeth!

Osian's learnt a fair few new words this month, but I realised after a day out with a friend and her daughter, some of his words aren't as understandable to others as they are to me. Recently Osian hasn't been babbling so much, or speaking Osian language, he used to do so a lot whilst playing, or babble away to someone. Now he still seems to talk away whilst playing but will say proper words, he usually counts 'two four two four'.
I managed to record a video of his counting a couple of weeks ago, we were playing with the wooden blocks. I put a block down and said one, then when I put the next on top he says two, and he counts all the way to five by himself. At this point I start cheering, and then he says six whilst reaching for another block to add to the tower! I knew that Osian knew all the numbers he said, but it was the first time I'd heard him say them in the correct order. I'm very glad I caught it on camera.

Osian's started helping to tidy up his toys. Unless he's too tired, he'll help put his toys away before going upstairs for his bedtime story. I'm also trying to get him to tidy away the toys that are already out before getting more to play with, this sort of works, sometimes.

Osian's favourite things to do seem to be jigsaws and colouring at the moment. He also loves playing with trains, sweeping the floor, making cups of tea in his kitchen, taking his little trolley with us to the shop, watering the flowers, playing his his peppa pig house, and playing with little figures - especially dinosaur ones.

He's also started asking for certain things on telly, he likes to watch Thomas and Friends, and asks for it by asking for the choo choo whilst pointing at the telly. He also asks for Frozen, Curious George by saying 'ahh ahh', Sam Tan, and Finding Nemo by asking for the Fish. He'll also just go through the DVDs and pick out the one he wants, which is usually Mulan, Gnome and Juliet, Tangled or Star Wars (yay!). He's asked for Jurassic Park too but thing it may be a bit to scary for him at the moment.

I wonder what Osian will be up to this next month. Then it will only be a month away from his second birthday. It's so crazy how fast this little guy's growing up.


  1. Haha! What a great post! Coming on so well! 22 months - bet it feels like yesterday he was born!! Beauitful photos and even better memories being made! Thanks for sharing! Suz x

    1. It really does feel like yesterday. I'm in slight denial that he's not far from being two! Thanks you Suz x

  2. 22 months; oh wow; where did the time go...
    Any plans for a big 24?

  3. I love when they speak their own language but equally love when they start speaking more clearly. Lovely. I know twins that used to speak to each other in their own little language, it was fascinating! What a lovely update. Nearly two is the best age to be! :-)

  4. They grow up so fast don't they....He is such a cutie x

  5. Awww, such a lovely update. It's great to read these updates as they are just a couple of month ahead of Boo. I love the photo with the jigsaws

  6. Lovely post and lovely update! They grow so quickly don't they and all of a sudden come on so fast. Thanks for linking up to #justanotherlinky xx