Monday, 10 August 2015

Osian at 21 Months Old

On the 22nd of July Osian turned 21 months old, meaning I'm very late writing his update, and that it will also be quite a short one, as I don't want to muddle up with things he's learnt this month! I've been wondering how long I'll continue to write monthly updates. I'm definitely going up to write them up until he's 2, after I may drop them down to every few months, we'll just see what happens.

Osian's favourite thing to do this past month seems to be colouring. He always says he's drawing 'woof woofs', he also likes asking someone else to draw one, and he either sits and watches, or carries on drawing, but likes having someone to join him. He can spend ages sat there with a crayon in his hand. Osian also enjoying doing jigsaws and playing with animal figures. Osian loves the outdoors, he's always asking to go (out)'side'. He loves going out to water our one pot of flowers. His favourite thing to do outside is collect sticks and stones to throw in water, even if the water is only a tiny little puddle, he still has a great time.

On night before Osian was going to bed, he turned to me and said 'love you', it was the cutest thing I'd ever heard. I usually say love you. before leaving his bedroom at night, but this night he said it to me first, it made my heart melt.

Osian's enjoyed a few little adventures with his Mummy this month. We went for our first trip to the beach together, although it felt like an Autumn walk, as it wasn't a very warm day. We've also been to see the old steam trains a few times, which Osian seems to love more and more with each visit. Another place that we've been a couple of times, is the the lagoons of a lake in a nearby village.

That's all for this (nearly last) month, hopefully I won't leave it so long for his 22 months update and can write lots of things he's said and done without getting the dates muddled!


  1. Awww such a sweet update, love you is great when they say it isn't it.
    I love the last photo - that face is too cute!!

  2. Aww! Bless him!
    They grow up so fast! x

  3. He is such a cutie - time goes so fast doesn't it? Fab pics. Kaz x