Tuesday, 11 August 2015


I was tagged to do this a ages ago, by both the lovely Beth over at Life As Mum and the lovely Emily over at Emily and Indiana.

Here's my list of 50 things that make me happy. Which has taken a long time to think of, I didn't know it would be so hard to list 50 things.

1. Osian
2. My family
3. Game of Thrones, well it doesn't always make me happy, anyone who watches it will understand.
4. Getting into a good book
5. Patterned leggings (for Osian)
6. Toddler cuddles and sloppy kisses
7. Watching Osian take care of Olaf
8. My mum stopping for a panad (cup of tea)
9. Exploring new places
10. Colouring with Osian
11. Relaxing evenings
12. A good film
13. Relaxing eveings
14. A tidy house (not that this happens often)
15. Days with my (not so) baby sister
16. Going to the cinema
17. Reality TV
18. Days out
19. Having a takeaway
20. Early nights
21. Online shopping
22. Reading Osian a story
23. Watching Osian run about with his arms waving up in the air
24. Checking on a sleeping Osian
25. Cups of tea
26. Singing along to songs in the car (not that I do this with anyone else bar Osian there)
27. Being sent photos my Dad has taken of Osian
28. Catching up with friends
29. Weekly visits to Grandma's
30. Osian's little voice
31. Marmite and cheese on toast
32. Watching Osian play with his cousins
34. Having my family over for food on a Friday
35. Looking back at old photos
36. Going up to Scotland to visit family
37. When family come down to visit us
38. Cafe stops
39. Watching Osian's face while he's deep in thought
40. Playing monsters
41. Disney films
42. Anything to do with Star Wars
43. Going shopping alone and having time to wonder around and look at everything
44. Watching Osian learn something new
45. Even though it makes me feel bad, coming down after putting Osian to bed to find the kitchen clean - thanks Mum!
46. Hearing Osian laugh
47. Ice cold water
48. Long showers
49. Instagram
50. Did I mention Osian?

I tag anyone who wants to play.


  1. Awww so many lovely things on the list - I loved writing my list, it;s so nice to think about what makes you happy =)

  2. Oh what a lovely list - I have been tagged in few which I need to catch up on eeek! No. 50 made me laugh!! Kaz x

  3. What a lovely list. I get the impression Osian really makes you happy :)

  4. Lovely list, I love posts like this :)