Monday, 27 July 2015

Living Arrows 30/52

I honestly can't believe this is the 30th week of this year, where has the time gone? 

The weather hasn't 't been all that great this past week. There's so much to do around here when it's a nice day, but there isn't much at all for the when the weathers rotten. One morning I decided to take Osian to an ice cream parlour, it's usually very busy and can have huge queues on a sunny day. It was nice and quiet when we went, and although we went for it opening at 10am, there were a few others in there having an ice cream, I thought we'd be the only ones. Osian got this really cute little baby cone, which was only 50p!

Living Arrows


  1. Can you believe it's nearly the end of July and still chucking it down? Ice cream makes it all ok though :)

  2. Osian looks to be enjoying that ice cream

  3. We had an ice cream in the rain too. You have to make the most of this horrible weather and enjoy summer anyway. Lovely photo of little Osian.

  4. Aww he's so sweet - and what a great idea to have ice cream in the rain - it makes it a real treat!

  5. So sweet, a tiny cone is such a good idea, I wish others would do that.

    This sutumnal rain in July is getting a bit boring now, isn't it?