Friday, 12 June 2015

Weekend Baby Style #8

We've finally had some sunny weather this week, although it didn't warm up until later on in the week. It's been nice to feel like it's actually June, rather than like we're in mid Autumn. Osian wore his first pair of shorts for the year today, they didn't last all day, but he still wore them! 

This week has seen a lot of patterned leggings, anyone who knows me, or reads these posts will know I love a nice pair of leggings. We've had these leggings from Tobias and the Bear for quite a while, but I'd bought the next size up and Osian's just starting to fit in them nicely.

Here is Osian doing his new thing of saying 'hmm' and putting his hands on his hips. I think he's turning into a bit of a teenager sometimes!

Cardy - bluezoo | Leggings - Tobias and the Bear

I've been trying to make the most of the nice weather by getting out the house at least once a day. We're lucky to have a lovely cycle track near by. Next to the track there's a bridge that takes you over to another path to walk along. The bridge is over the river that runs alongside our village, Osian had a great time throwing sticks into the river.

Osian's outfit was a last minute one before leaving the house. It's a very much navy outfit, I think the colour really suits Osian.
Cardy - Mini River Island | Leggings - Fred and Noah | Shoes - Next

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  1. He's so cute with his hands on his hips. I know what you mean about the weather we've tried to make the most of Joey's summery clothes. I love those Tobias and the Bear leggings, they have some great designs. I love navy, it's a great colour and obviously loving the fred and noah leggings, Joey has got 2 pairs for his birthday. Have a great weekend x

  2. He is such a dude and i love those leggings. So cute! Lets hope the weather stays nice xx #weekendbabystyle

  3. What gorge little outfits! Osian is always so well dressed. Loving both pairs of leggings. Tobias and the Bear and Fred & Noah are two of our fave independent brands. Such fab prints. He really suits Navy! Loving both pairs of shoes too. They really finish off the outfits and look really good. Loving the hands on the hips - too funny. Thanks so much for linking up lovey and hope you're having a good weekend! xx #weekendbabystyle

  4. Wow what a professional poser!!! I love those anchor trousers really cute and I haven't seen anything like them before.
    Jen xxx

  5. I love a patterned legging! His little outfits are so cute. Those cardies - Oh my! What a fashionable little boy. K x #weekendbabystyle

  6. Fab outfits as usual! I see we share a love for printed leggings. Hopefully he will be wearing ones I've designed one day! #weekendbabystyle

  7. He is so gorgeous. I love his expressions! I love the little cardi's xx
    Steph |