Monday, 1 June 2015

Baking with Osian

A few weeks ago a cookie baking box caught my eye, it was one which made Olaf cookies. I knew Osian would love some Olaf cookies, and I've never made cookies before, so thought it would be handy to start with an easy pack that just needed water and butter.

I was planning on making them myself, but thought it would be nice to make them with Osian. It would be his first time baking, so I thought it would either be a disaster or go really well, either way we wouldn't know until we tried.

Osian loved mixing the water with the cookie mix, but his silly Mummy put too much water in so it didn't go quite right. Even with the ages Osian spent mixing, the mix just wasn't right. I decided we should use our hands and try roll it into a ball, then roll it out flat. Neither worked. Osian loved using the rolling bin. Although the mix wasn't rolling out, Osian still had a great time. At this point I decided it would be best to get Osian cleaned up and see if I could selvedge the mix situation. Osian wasn't too happy about this, he wanted to carry on helping, but decided he didn't mind just watching. I had no idea what to do with the mix, I ended up having to fill the cookie cutters with mixture. In hindsight, I should have tried adding flour, or something, to the mixture.

Whilst the three very thin, oddly shaped Olaf's were cooking I thought I'd make the icing ready. This went wrong too, I'm not sure how I messed up icing, but somehow I did. And I'd used all the icing sugar that came in the box. Once the cookies were done cooking we popped to the shop to buy icing sugar. It took forever to get out the door, Osian wanted to wear his shoes on the wrong feet, and made it very hard for me to put them on the right feet. 

I was planning on decorating the cookies with Osian, but when I realised how wrong they'd gone, Each cookie had broken in the process of taking them off the baking tray, which I obviously hadn't greased enough. I thought I'd wait until Osian was napping and see if I could try and make them look sort of like Olaf.

Thankfully due to the decorations that came in the set, they did sort of, look like Olaf. I think the box was supposed to make eight, but we only had three to show for it. Regardless of how bad I think they look, Osian loved them. It was lovely to watch his face light up when he saw them, and they tasted quite nice too.


  1. This is such a lovely thing to do. I think there are some really simple things you can make in the kitchen with kids that helps develop skills like mixing, pouring etc. They look great!

    1. Definitely, it's great fun for them too. I'm going to try and involve Osian in the kitchen more. Thank you :)

  2. This is so sweet! I haven't started baking with Evie yet! I can't wait till she's a bit bigger & then we can.
    What a lovely activity to do. It looks like you had fun.


  3. I think that's a brilliant effort. I don't think it matters what the final result looks like - they just love that they got to do it. I blog about cooking with toddlers and have a cookbook with age-appropriate recipes. It has a whole section of First Recipes for just starting out when they're very young. I'm over at #ToddlerApprovedTuesday

  4. Olaf cookies are a great idea, shame they didn't work out as intended, but as long as you had fun and they tasted good, the end result doesn't matter. #Minicreations

  5. Looks like you had fun baking them together even if they didn't quite turn out as you intended - next time they will be better I am sure! :-)

  6. I can never get the icing right in these boxes! ha ha. Aslong as you both enjoyed it and had a good time, that's all the matters.

  7. such cute little cookies! I love baking with D, but it can end up a little messy at times!!! #toddlerapprovedtuesday

  8. so cute, I'm sure he was very proud of them! They look great btw!

    Thanks for linking to #toddlerapprovedtuesday sorry my comment is so late this week! x

  9. Lucas says - Osian, I don't care what the Big People say, these are the BEST Olaf cookies I have EVER seen. Well Done lil' dude and maybe next time, you should pour the water in....... he he PS My Dad does a really cool Olaf singing voice....
    Thanks for linking up to #minicreations