Saturday, 20 June 2015

An Organix Breakfast #babiesbreakfastclub

Throughout May Organix celebrated breakfast. I admit I don't have much of a variation for breakfast, it's either a banana or some toast. Before Osian was born, I would spend a while cooking up different breakfast for myself, but I like to just grab something quick now. To be honest, I sometimes forget to feed myself breakfast, even though I know it's the most important meal of the day.

Whilst I was in uni and studying for exams, Osian would have his breakfast in nursery, where they have a lots of different cereals, fruit and toast, depending on the day of the week. Since being home for summer and Osian's only in nursery one day a week, I've been making him a variety of different breakfasts. A firm favourite of Osian's seems to be dry cereal. Whilst I was about to prepare Osian's breakfast one morning he was stood watching me, so I gave him a piece of dry cereal. He loved it, he just asked for more and more until he was full up.

Days where he isn't eating a bowl of dry cereal, Osian has a variety of different foods. Some days he has fruit, toast, crumpets, eggs or cereal with milk!

We were recently sent a box of raspberry and banana muesli  for Osian to try for breakfast. Osian has enjoyed many of the different snacks Organix have to offer, but he'd never tried any of their breakfasts before. Like all the rest of the foods in their ranges, the raspberry and banana muesli comes with Organix's No Junk Promise. Osian really enjoyed his breakfast, he ate the whole bowl then asked for more, and managed half of the second bowl. The muesli can be made with either hot or cold milk, depending on how your baby/toddler would prefer to have it. I would have pinched a bite to let you know what I thought, but it had been made up with Osian's coats milk, which I really don't like. From the amount Osian ate, I assume it's pretty tasty.

What do you/your children enjoy having for breakfast?


  1. This sounds very tasty!
    My girls have toast or cereal....We're rubbish on a morning. lol

  2. Raspberry and banana sounds very tasty. My children enjoy cereal or toast on School/Nursery mornings but we have pancakes, bacon or porridge at the weekends. I'm glad Osian enjoyed his breakfast!

  3. These sounds really nice! Boo has plain porridge with raisins as it's the only thing she likes to eat!

  4. This breakfast cereal was a hit with us, at a time when weaning really wasn't going so well. I was grateful to find something she was going to like

  5. Pickle LOVED this when he was younger. I love the fact there is no junk in it. Kaz x