Sunday, 10 May 2015

Weekend Baby Style #4

Apart from these posts, and our photo linkys, this blogs been very quiet as of late. I've been so busy with revision it hasn't left much time for blogging, when I do have a break from revision, I'd rather sit and watch a programme, or just do nothing. 

Last weekend, Osian and I had a very rare day were we just chilled at home. We don't get much time together during the week, so I usually try and go out somewhere on the weekends, but it was nice to just stay at home and have family over. My aunt and cousin were down from Scotland for the weekend and Osian loved having his cousin to play with. 

Top - Next | Leggings - MaebelleAndBo

I love this next outfit, I didn't purposely put them together, Osian needed a change of clothes and they're what happened to be quickly put in the change bag before leaving the house. I think they go pretty well together. 
Top - love to the moon | Leggings - Fred & Noah

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  1. That first top is very appropriate, he is so handsome! The leggings look great too, what animals are on the pattern? The other outfit is great, goes together really well. Joey has the old style anchor leggings from Fred & Noah but they're sadly too small for his chunky thighs now so I need to invest in the new anchor style.

  2. Hope the revision is going ok lovey. Must be tough work. I'm not surprised you want to sit and do nothing when you're finished! I feel the same sometimes after work! That Handsome tee is so cute and suits him perfectly. What a lovely pair of leggings to go with it as well. Such fab colours. I love that superheros top and the anchor leggings are awesome! Thanks so much for linking up with us and hope you've had a fab weekend :) xx #weekendbabystyle

  3. Love those leggings!!! In fact love everything in this post xx #weekendbabystyle