Friday, 1 May 2015

Weekend Baby Style #3

I've hardly taken any photos this week, so I thought I'd share some of Osian's outfits from when we went away last month. 

We had three full days away, so here's an outfit from each day. Our first day was spent in one of the Ironbridge Musems, Osian had a great time painting a Duck shaped money box, and spent ages playing in a room that had a toy tea set. What he wore is probably my favourite outfit from the week. I love both the leggings and top, but had never put them in the same outfit before, I really like how they look together.
Top - F&F | Cardy - M&S | Leggings - Tobias & The Bear

Our next day was spent in Blists Hill, which is another Ironbridge museum. I really loved our time there, it's a Victorian Town, and it was so interesting seeing how everything used to be. In the evening after tea, we went out in the garden, Osian had a great time running about, but then decided he needed a rest and just sat still for ages having a good look around.
 Coat - Next | Leggings - Fred & Noah | Wellies - Clarks

Our last day was spent in Powis Castle, which was another lovely day out. Osian wore the jumper from this day to nursery one day this week, one of the first things he did when I picked him up, was to point at one of the Tigers and tell me it was a 'Roar'. I nearly didn't buy the jumper, it was in the sale and they only had a size 2-3, but it seems to fit pretty well.
Jumper - M&S | Jeans - George 

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  1. How tall does he look?! What a cutie!! We've got the Next Big Thing tee and we love it! It's such a lovely colour. You're right, it goes really well with those leggings. Oh my goodness I love those wellies!!! There's something about kids wellies. Too cute! I absolutely love that Tiger top. How fun is the print?! So cute that he knew what noise tigers made :) So sweet. Such fab outfits. Thanks so much for linking up with us. Hope you have a great weekend xx #weekendbabystyle

  2. O The fox leggings are my favourite, I think I will buy them in the bigger size they are great. I love the jumper from M&S he looks so smart :-) xxx

  3. Such a cute boy! My favourite is the tiger Jumper, very cool! #weekendbabystyle


  4. Love his leggings (all of them)! He has the best style, really need to have a look at Robins & the bear! x

  5. What a cutie! Love that tiger jumper :-) #weekendbabystyle x

  6. I really really like those fox legging, I always stay away from white with Joey because he's always so mucky. Joey's new F&N blue monster leggings arrived the other day, I saw a pic of Osian in his and loved the colour. #weekendbabystyle

  7. I love his outfits.. He is such a cutie!

    Emma x

  8. LOVE the first top!! Soon cute!! PS you should add a name/url comment option to make commenting easier for non blogger/wordpress users :)

  9. So adorable. Loving the last jumper!

    Beth |

  10. What cute little leggins - loving those patterns :) looks so comfy too! #weekendbabystyle