Thursday, 28 May 2015

Living Arrows - 21/52

I haven't managed to get my camera out all of last week, partly because I couldn't find the charger and it had gone flat, and I was kept so busy with revision. I seem to have taken loads of photos on my phone to make up for it.

Osian's been so sweet towards Olaf this week, he seems to take care of him. Osian pushes Olaf about in the pram, he even gave Olaf one of his comforters, he's been sharing food with Olaf - by trying to feed him through his nose. Olaf's been having nappy changes, and if Osian is sat watching telly he makes sure Olaf can see too. 

Living Arrows

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  1. Hope the revision is going well! Such a cute pic of Osian& Olaf - sounds like they get on well!