Tuesday, 14 April 2015

The Ordinary Moments - Car Naps

This used to be a pretty much a daily occurrence, I'm currently sat in the car while Osian naps. Until Osian was at least 6 months old he wouldn't have a proper nap in the house and would end up overtired and grumpy, most days I took him out in the car to ensure he'd get a good sleep and he'd be a much happier baby afterwards.

I haven't purposely gone out in the car so Osian would sleep in a very long time. Osian hasn't been well these past few days and he really didn't want to go for a nap in the house this afternoon, so we popped out in the car so he could get a little sleep. I thought today of all days it was important for him to have a nap considering he's not 100%.

Although this isn't much of an ordinary moment now, it brings back all the memories from when it was very much one.

I'd written up to this point when Osian woke up. I was going to add that I'd driven to and parked outside my Mums, she kindly brought me out a nice lunch and a cup of tea. I'd also brought a book to read so it ended up being quite relaxing for me, while Osian had the nap he needed.

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