Friday, 17 April 2015

Real Nappy Week 2015

Real nappy week will soon be upon us, it's starting on Monday the 20th. It's very nearly been a year since we tried cloth nappies for the first time. Unfortunately we didn't stuck at it, but I recently wrote how we've been getting back into cloth nappies.

Cloth nappies seemed really daunting before I tried them, but I couldn't have been more wrong. I'm convinced I wouldn't have found it so easy without the internet though, what did people do before the internet? Before trying out any of the nappies last year, I had an hour long Skype chat with a lovely Nappy Guru, who talked me through the different types of nappies, which inserts went with which nappy, washing instructions, etc. When recently getting back into nappies, I joined a group on Facebook, which is ever so helpful, there's always someone around to answer any questions I have. This time around I struggled getting the fit just right, Osian wouldn't stay still long enough for me to spend ages fiddling about, so I watched a YouTube video, which showed me how to get the perfect fit.

Using cloth nappies should save money in the long run, but this includes a high initial cost of buying the nappies. Unless you go overboard buying too many, which isn't hard with all the lovely prints that are out there. Lots of brands seem to have brought out new prints recently, I may treat myself Osian to one or two new ones. Most online retailers will have offers on during real nappy week, so if you've ever contemplated trying out cloth nappies, now's probably the best time to buy a few.

Some have started their offers early, Baba and Boo have a great sale on at the moment, some of their nappies have 50% off! Fill Your Pants and Babi Pur, both currently have some great offers on. These are the offers I've found so far, I shall update this post if I find any more.

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  1. I tried cloth nappies. Loved the idea of them and they look so cute, but with twins it was just easier to use disposables. Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky