Wednesday, 1 April 2015

My favourite shops on Instagram

I've had an Instagram account for ages, but it's just in the past few months I've started to use it daily. Since increasingly using the app I've come across more and more accounts I love to follow, including a few shops.

Here is a list of my current favourites:

Tobias & The Bear make absolutely gorgeous leggings, along with cushions, and cotbed sheets. My favourite print being Just Call The Fox, as soon as I saw a pair of leggings with this print I just had to them. When wearing them out and about Osian has received quite a few comments about his lovely leggings are.

Fred & Noah make such funky leggings, I just love the designs. I recently bought some of the Monster Print, and I can't wait for Osian to wear them. Osian really enjoys clothes with prints of things he likes, and he loves monsters so I think he'll really love wearing his new leggings.

Max and The Star, is ran by a fellow blogger, the lovely Cat Juila. She sells gorgeous bibs, wooden teethers, infinity scarfs, and I've just noticed she's starting to make some gorgeous looking bunting! I'd never heard of infinity scarfs before but they're so cool, I can't wait to get one for Osian. Osian currently has two bibs with different Hungry Caterpillar designs on. he even asked today (in his own little way) to wear one of this bibs!

Stitched Up Apparel sell quite a few different products, including, leggings, hats, shorts and wall hangings. I'm yet to buy from this shop, but I've got my eye on this pair of shorts, I'm in love with that arrow print, I just hope we get nice enough weather to be able to wear such things this summer.

As well as selling wonderful and unique products, all the shops are ran by such friendly and helpful people.


  1. I'll be taking a look at these accounts for sure. I love instagram! I'm a little bit addicted :)

  2. Ohh I will go and take a look x

  3. I havent been following a lot of brands but would look closely now! #pocolo

  4. I already follow Fred and Noah but I think I need to go and look up the rest of these. Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo x