Monday, 6 April 2015

Monthly Monday Melfie - April

This past month has done by in a bit of a blur, it's gone by so fast. It's been a month where Osian has found a love for my front camera, he usually starts pulling faces, posing or giggling to himself. We've had so much fun taking selfies together recently.

Californian Mum in London


  1. Haha, he is so ace! I wish we lived close, I reckon him and J could be boss little buddies, both got the same cheeky sense of humour! Fab picture x

  2. Look at his cheeky little face, gorgeous pic xx

  3. You two are so cute. And I love his silly sticky out tongue. I love that he now gets the whole camera thing and can have fun taking selfies with his mummy. Thank you so much for joining in again. I hope to see you on the 4th May. #monthlymondaymelfie