Wednesday, 22 April 2015

18 Months Old

I remember this day last year I was amazed by the fact Osian was halfway between him being born and his 1st birthday, I couldn't get over how fast it had gone. I'm even more amazed this year, he's halfway between 1 and 2. It felt like it was his birthday the other week, not a whole 6 months ago.

This seems to have been a huge month in terms of Osian's development, his understanding of things seem to grow daily, or I just notice his understandings daily. He knows when we're at the end of our street in the car, and yesterday morning he knew when we were nearly at his nursery. Most questions he gets asked, he answers with a yes or no, a head nod or shake. Osian still speaks plenty of Osian Language, but his English vocabulary is ever growing. I'm not going to list all the words like I have done in previous months, as I simply can't remember everything he's said, sometimes he'll say a word once then not use it again for weeks. I'm going to list a few of the ones Osian uses most often. He now says two, and knows it comes after one, 'shoes, 'chocok' for chocolate (which he's been expecting a lot since Easter), 'sit' he loves telling people to sit and pats where he wants them to go, 'belly' and he knows where his is, 'torie' for story.
Osian had his 18 month development check today, which all went well. He's now 86cm tall, weighs 12kg, he's got 12 teeth, and his hair finally seems to be growing. Osian's very much in between clothes sizes at the moment, it's quite hard to dress him some days. He likes when his clothes have animals or a character on, he loves wearing Olaf clothes or pyjamas.

He's known for a while that he goes to bed once we've read bedtime stories and he's had a drink of milk, but all of a sudden he hates going to bed. He used to love getting his grobag on then wave goodnight in his cot, now it's a struggle to get him in his grobag, once he's in his cot I have to quickly run out the room, otherwise he'll get too upset. Other than the initial not wanting to go in his cot, Osian goes to sleep pretty easily, unless he's poorly then he likes company until he's asleep.

This month has seen Osian become very shy, he's always been a little shy, but he's a lot more so now. Before he used to like some people talking to him, he'd even talk back sometimes. Now he won't answer anyone who he doesn't know, he'll just look really sad and look at the floor, he even does this with people he knows, and can take quite a while to come around. He seems to quite like older children, and loves to make them laugh, or play with them. Children of a similar age to Osian seem to scare him a bit, well when he's with me, he's not too bad whilst in nursery.

Osian's favourite thing to do at the moment, is to look for ducks, he often asks to go to the river at the end of our street to looks for ducks. His way of asking is pointing at the door and shouting 'quack quack'. He also really likes to play with his Noah's Ark toy and the animal figures. Put all his teddies to bed, one time he started reading them a bedtime story. Phone his aunty Tara. Play with water, he's been going through phases of hating the bath, but loves to play with water out of the bath. To run about outside, or just being outside - he likes just taking the surroundings in. Play kitchens, and make pretend cups of teas, and feed his teddies. Read stories, I'm so glad this has stuck and he can still spend ages flicking through a book. Put things in the bin, then wave goodbye to them.

Even though he does have days where he kicks off and has tantrums, the majority of the time it's such fun being around him. Most of the time he's such a comical little boy, and just loves to make people laugh.

Happy 18 months little Osian xxx


  1. It sounds like Osian is such a clever little boy! My little boy is 14 months old and after he had just turned 1 we noticed that he had taken a huge developmental leap. Its lovely hearing about all the things that Osian can do! They grow up so quickly don't they but make us so proud!

  2. Oh wow, I cannot believe he's 18 months already. Where has that gone! He's doing so well, you should be one very proud Mummy. Ducks are a favourite in our house too

  3. From reading your blog regularly I can really see the change in Osian! I hope the going bed reluctance is just a phase, but at least it's not affecting his sleep! Thanks for linking up with the #BinkyLinky

  4. It's a wonderful. Age they are like sponges taking so much on lovely post very good read thanks for linking up to the #binkylinky