Friday, 13 March 2015

Would you like a cup of tea Mum?

Osian loves kitchens, and always opts to play with them if there's one around, therefore when we went to IKEA the other weekend I was pretty sure we'd be coming home with a play kitchen.

I was going to attempt to put it up myself but my Dad kindly offered to do it for me. He came over and did it while Osian was in bed that evening and I couldn't wait to see his face the following morning. Unfortunately he woke up on the wrong side of the bed so took him a while to even notice it, but when he did he ran straight over to it.

Osian absolutely loves the kitchen, as soon as anyone comes in he shows them his kitchen straight away. It's brought him so much fun already and we've not even had it two weeks yet.

I bought a few pots and pans to go the kitchen, which Osian really liked, but I really wanted to get some cups and a teapot, as apparently that's what he plays with most of the day in nursery. This week my Mum brought down lots of play food and some toy plates, cups and a teapot! Ever since Osian has been busy making lots of cups of tea and meals.

The other morning the first thing he did when we got downstairs was that he went to make me a cup of tea, it was so cute. Let's just hope this treatment lasts until he's old enough to make me a real panad!


  1. Oh yes the Ikea play kitchen! We love ours, we had friends staying who were IKEA furniture whizzes so put ours together, I would have fallen out with the husband otherwise!

    And we get the "Cup of Tea Mummy" "More cup of tea mummy" "too hot mummy" adorable!

  2. I have seen this before, and one of my favourite cafes has it too. I LOVE it! I am not sure if Mummy has the space though x

  3. Aw this is is so lovely. We have that play kitchen and it is by far one of the most played with things in our house- my girls both love it. I dread to think the amount of cups of tea I have had over the years. ;) x

  4. First of all I would like to say - the new blog layout and design looks fab, it's been far too long since I've been on here. Secondly - LOVE this kitchen, it's so much fun and looks pretty cool too. Osian is getting so big x Ax

  5. We got the girls a litchen for xmas but we went away so it's saved for their burthday - can't wait to see them with it! x

    1. Look at those spelling mistakes - awful! Sorry x