Friday, 27 March 2015

Osian's Easter Books

Osian seems to really like the run up to Easter, he loves the decorations up in the shops and café's, especially if there are ducks and chicks, he starts shouting 'quack quack'. I loved reading Osian the themed books at Christmas and Valentine's Day, so I decided to get Osian some Easter books. We haven't read most of them yet as I'm undecided whether to start now or save them to closer to Easter and for them to be a present.

That's not my bunny.. - I bought 'That's not my penguin' as a Christmas present for Osian, he seemed to really like it so thought I'd get the bunny one for Easter. I may end up buying a few more of these because they are such lovely books and have a huge choice of different ones.

Bwni'r Pasg - This translates to Easter Bunny and I think I've seen the book on sale in English too. We've already read this book and Osian loves it, It's a lift the flap book, which seem to be Osian's favourites at the moment, The Easter Bunny has hidden eggs amongst the different animals and Osian loves finding the egg. 

Oh Dear - I bought Dear Santa for Christmas and it became one of Osian's favourites so I just had to buy it when I saw recently. We've also read this one and Osian loves it, we can't just read it one time, we have to go through it over and over again. Although it's not exactly Easter related there is a bunny, ducks and hen in it so it can count, right? Plus it's about Buster who's searching for the hen's eggs on the farm so I'm pretty sure it can!

Where Are Baby's Easter Eggs? - This is another one I bought due to Osian liking another book in the same series. 'Where is Baby's Valentine?' was a big hit with Osian, so I thought it would be lovely to read this one at Easter time. This is one of the ones that we haven't read yet, so I'm looking forward to reading it with him.

Easter Surprise - Osian has a Peter Rabbit comforter teddy that he really likes, I thought he'd like a Peter Rabbit book. I had a flick through the pages and they're filled with different animals, I'm sure he's going to love this book.


  1. Lovely list of books. Oh Dear is a big hit in our house - my little ones love it :-)

  2. We love the "that's not my ..." range as well - enjoy your Easter reading #PoCoLo

  3. We have so many of the 'That's not my' series too, they're great hits. The rest look lovely too, I'm sure he'll love all his Easter books! :) x #PoCoLo

  4. We have Oh Dear. Its from my son's Nain and my son loves it! My son is still reading it even if he is now almost 5 =) #pocolo

  5. These look great! I have lots of lovely memories of the 'That's not my..' books - Grace absolutely loved them! Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo x