Monday, 2 March 2015

Monthly Monday Melfie - March

It's March! Already? This year just seems to be flying by. I did actually get quite a few selfie's with Osian so I wasn't sure which one to choose. I decided to go for this one as when I posted it on Instagram quite a few people said Osian really looks like me, which I cannot see, so thought I'd see if anyone who reads this thinks the same.

Californian Mum in London


  1. O yes, definitely got your eyes!

  2. Yep, he does look like you on this pic. I think it's in the smile! xx

  3. I can really see a resemblance around the mouth/smile and a bit in the eyes. I do think babies look like their daddies for ages, and it's so nice when they finally start resembling mummy. :) Sorry for the late commenting, but I am thrilled to see that you've joined #monthlymondaymelfie again. Hope to see you again next month!