Monday, 16 March 2015

Living Arrows 11/52

Yesterday we went to the park for the first time in ages. Last time we went Osian stayed on the swing the whole time, which he loved, but this time he didn't want to stay on the swing for long, he wanted to do other things too. He spent ages running around, hiding under the climbing frame and playing monsters. Even though he's still too little to go on some of the things, he definitely appreciated the park much more this time. Osian was having such a great time and he really didn't want to leave, but we had to get home for tea.

Our time in the park came with the realisation as to how much he's grown, and how fast he's leaning new things. Feels like he's growing up way too fast.

Living Arrows


  1. I wish my children would slow down with their growing too. They are little adults now. Osian has a great expression here.

  2. I haven't stopped by in a while but my gosh he really has grown!! Still just as gorgeous (and cheeky!) Xx

  3. They grow far too fast! Great capture.