Tuesday, 10 March 2015

How blogging has helped me.

I started this blog as an online dairy to look back on in years to come, a place to write about things and share my photos, I have loved having my blog, it's been fun, but as well as all that it's really helped me. When I started my blog back in January last year I had no idea how much blogging would in fact help me.

Last year was my first year of not being in any sort of education, without my blog I think my baby brain may have completely taken over, making the transition back to uni this year much harder. Being dyslexic I've always struggled with spelling and without having somewhere to write I have a feeling my spelling would have gone downhill, meaning I'd have to try to build it back up to the level it's at today, which isn't the best but for me it's good. Having somewhere that I have had to think about what I'm writing seems to have really helped me. I study accounting and finance, and chose to because I'm a numbers person, not a word person. The thought of writing essays has always seemed very daunting, I hate having to start an essay, at least through blogging I've still been typing things out and having to think about what I'm writing, without it I would have hardly written a thing through my year out of uni, even though my essay's require a bit more thought and research than my ramblings on here, writing my posts on here have really helped.

Actually come to think of it I think blogging may have even improved my spelling, I hardly have to use spell checker any more, whereas when I first started I found myself relying on it quite heavily. With that being said I had finished uni 7 months before starting blogging, and the time of not writing may have taken it's toll on my spelling.


  1. Its good to hear how blogging has helped you. :) go blogging!

  2. I thinking blogging is really helpful too, keeps your brain active after doing all the baby duties! :-)

  3. I love that blogging has given me something just for me & that my blog accepts my mood/ thoughts/ feelings at that time & it really helps xxx