Sunday, 29 March 2015

Blue Planet - A BirthdayTrip

Back in February I turned 21, and I know many people like to have big drunken celebrations that's not really my scene. I had a long think about what I'd like to do, and I decided I'd like to do something Osian would enjoy. Due to unpredictable weather I thought it would be best to go somewhere indoors, so we went to Blue Planet, which is just over an hours drive from us. I invited my sister along too.

I decided not to bring the pram in, so brought along Osian's backpack reins, surprisingly the rein part didn't even need attaching as he was so good at holding hands. He got quite scared in one of the rooms so we had to rush through, it was quite dark, noisy and it was very full. Apart from that he loved watching all the fish, he particularly liked the tanks that where he could look in without needing lifted up. His two favourite things, were the bins, one shaped like a frog and the other bear. He also really liked the Iggle Piggle ride, as soon as he saw the big Iggle Piggle he got so excited, his face instantly lit up. Another part which Osian really liked was the clear walkway which goes under the tank with the sharks and big rays. I have a huge fear of sharks so I wasn't too keen on this, but typically it's where we spent the most time, but Osian really liked it and we were there for him to have a good day.

We probably spent an hour and half, maybe two hours in Blue Planet, meaning we still had plenty of time left in the day. So we went into Chester and treated Osian to his fist build-a-bear, he chose an Olaf teddy, which isn't surprising as he's a little Frozen addict.

Here are some photos from our trip, most of them are Tara's photography as she was in charge of the camera.

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  1. Lovely photos! Looks like you had a lot of fun!!!

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