Friday, 6 March 2015

16 Months Old

I'm a little late writings this, Osian turned 16 months old on the 22nd of February. I can't believe he's 16 months old. It doesn't feel like over 4 months ago it was his first birthday.
Osian is very steady on his feet, after walking for the first time just after he turned 13 months, I'm surprised by how quickly he picked it up. Now he pretty much runs around the place rather than walking. This month we've been for lots of outdoor walks so I thought it would be handy to buy some reins, surprisingly they haven't been used. Osian has loved wearing the backpack but haven't needed to attach the rein as he's been very good at walking next to me and sticking to the path.

Osian spends pretty much all day babbling away, it's so cute listening to him, it's like he's got his own language. He has started saying a few more words, he says 'uhoh' and lifts his hands if he drops something, he knows horses say 'neigh', he's also says bye and waves, 'mum', 'ffff' for frozen, 'ya', when counting to three he doesn't say the words but does noises in the same tone of voice as me and says yay on three, I can often here I'm doing this before he falls asleep, or on car journeys. I think that's all the new ones for this month. For a few months now he says 'da' when handed something or when he's asking for something, recently he's started making other people say it, especially my sister, he won't hand her anything unless she says da!

Last month Osian started waking up at night again, which has continued into this month, some nights he doesn't but more often than not he has been. Quite a few teeth have just popped through so this may be the cause of that. He quite likes going to bed and if he gets too tired in the evening he holds my hand and points to the kitchen so we can get his milk and he can go to bed.

Osian loves playing with play kitchens, tea sets, cars, animal figures, blankets and pillows whilst lying down and pretending to sleep. He also loves running around playing monsters, or being chased. Books are still one of his favourite things, he loves reading himself a story, or having one read.


  1. I hope Osians sleep improves for you soon. Our twins are three though and they both still wake regulary at night, although it's just to ask for a dummy or their toy and they go back to sleep pretty much straight away! Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  2. Aw, he's growing up so fast. It sounds like his talking is coming on really well #binkylinky

  3. What a grown up boy, soo cute how he asks to go to bed! Indiana copies me when I count too, I love the little babbling noise haha xx

  4. Ah lovely update. He is such a cutie x