Monday, 23 February 2015

Living Arrows 8/52

I try and take photos of Osian when were out and about as the lightings not very good in my house, due to none of my windows face the sun. We haven't been out for any walks this week as the weathers not been great. Also it's nice to have a few photos of what he gets up to in the house, even if the photos don't come out so well!

We haven't had a house phone since moving as I hadn't got around to buying one, my mum brought an old one of theirs down for us during the week. As soon as Osian saw the phone he instantly took a huge liking to it. As you can see he has a choice of toys in the background but would rather speak on the phone.

This photo sums up on of his favourite things to do, plus Frozen's on in the background which is another one of his favourite things.

Living Arrows


  1. Pretend phone calls are so much fun aren't they! He looks so grown up chattering away :)

  2. Awww someones fascinated! I think phones are really fascinating for kids! Does your mom or relatives talk to him on the phone? #livingarrows

  3. Obviously going to be a chatterbox. Great action shot, and I'm loving Osian's yacht top. #livingarrows

  4. Aww I love the natural, this is everyday life photos. Great capture. Hopefully the weather will pick up for you this week #livingarrows

  5. If he's anything like mine were it HAS to be the actual phone and not a pretend one! x