Monday, 9 February 2015

Living Arrows 6/52

Osian has always been a big fan of the teddies with a blanket attached to them, he used to just go to bed with them, but a few months ago he started playing with them during the day too. This past week or so they have been coming everywhere with us. Thankfully he isn't attached one particular one, and has quite a few so they can be swapped and changed, which allows us time to give them a good wash. (us being my Mum because I don't have a washing machine at the moment, thanks Mum!)

We went for a lovely walk and instead of running around like I thought he would, he stood next to a picnic bench for ages looking at a screw. Which reflects that he pays much more attention to the smaller things than he used to. I keep noticing more and more things about Osian that are signs he's not really a baby any more, and that he's more of a toddler. While noticing these things I get such a bitter-sweet feeling, I love watching him grow and feel lucky I have such a happy healthy boy, but then there's a sadness because of how fast it's going by.

Living Arrows

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