Monday, 2 February 2015

Living Arrows - 5/52

Due to a lack of internet I've not been able to sort through and upload on of my own photo's, (I'm writing this using free wifi!) so this week I've pinched one of my Dad's photos of Osian. I love when my Dad sends through photos he takes, especially ones of Osian.

It's been quite a busy few days, I'll write about what I've been busy doing in another post. Osian has been quite the opposite to my stressed self, he's been calm this week, his favourite game as been cuddling up on the floor and pretending to sleep. I think this photo represents his peacefulness.

Living Arrows


  1. Aww what a beautiful picture - he does look very snuggly!

  2. Awe such a gorgeous photo! He has beautiful big eyes and how they sparkle!

  3. That is a stunning photo, really beautiful