Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Alfie and Grandma Book Review

Osian absolutely loves books, throughout the day he often sits flicking through books and other times will bring me a book to read to him. We read shorter stories together during the day and save the longer ones for bedtime.

I loved reading and having Alfie stories read to me as a child, so I jumped at the chance of reviewing a new Alfie book to read with Osian. Alfie books are written and illustrated by Shirley Hughes, who wrote her first book in 1960, and since then has written many great books, bringing to joy to many people with her lovely stories and drawings, including myself, and now Osian.

Alfie and Grandma contains three stories, the first one is 'Looking for Winnie', which is about Alfie, and his sister Annie Rose along with Grandma all looking for the neighbours tortoise Winnie after she goes missing. The next story is 'A Journey to the North Pole' at the start of the story Alfie gets a bit fed up with Annie Rose, so Grandma takes them on an adventure, starting with going out in the wet and windy weather, then they go back inside and continue their adventure making their way to the North Pole (the attic). The last story is 'Lost Sheep' which is about a sheep who somehow got out of his field and couldn't find a way back in, Alfie and Grandma try to help the sheep get back in.

I really couldn't wait to read this book to Osian, I love reading him a bed time story anyway, but I was extra excited about reading an Alfie story together. For the past two nights before bed Osian has chosen this book to read (good choice Osian!). He loves pointing at the pictures and listening to the stories. Osian particularly seems to like 'Lost Sheep', as it's full of pictures of sheep and cows.

I've really enjoyed reading this book to Osian, I'm really hoping my mum has kept my Alfie stories. Alfie and Grandma is such a lovely book, great stories and beautiful drawings.

Here is a video is Shirley Hughes introducing Alfie, I remember the story when he slams the door shut and gets stuck in the house, I think that was one of my favourites.

Disclosure - We were sent the book for the purpose of an honest review, all words and opinions are my own.


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  3. Awww lovely illustrations. Sounds like a great book. #weekendbookclub