Monday, 12 January 2015

Nonabox December Review

I have always liked the idea of subscription boxes, it's a box full of surprises every month, who wouldn't like that? But it's just something I have never signed up for, and I hadn't really found one that was for me. That's until I came across Nonabox and I instantly loved the look of them. For those of you who haven't heard of them, Nonabox create the box around your baby's age, well I say baby but Nonabox accompanies you from pregnancy up until your child's two. I always love the box itself, but this month they've managed to make the box even lovelier, it's great how the box got into the festive spirit. This is our fourth box, each box has contained six high quality products, lots of which have been new to me and I've really enjoyed being introduced to new brands and products. Here's what the Christmas edition box included.

Born Free Twist'n Pop Straw Cup - I'd never heard of this company before, Osian can't quite drink from a straw yet but I think this will be a handy cup for him when he can. The sizing seems good, not too big for little hands but will hold a decent sized drink.

Summer Nasal Aspirator - I have never used on of these but I can see why one would be handy. It looks like it would be quite simple to use.

Multi-Mam Balm - The balm is designed for breastfeeding mums, to take care of any sensitivity, dryness and provides protection whilst feeding. It doesn't need to be removed before breastfeeding, which I think is essential when it comes to creams for nursing as I would use the cream I had before and after every feed. The balm has been made based on vegetable oils.

Quinola Mothergrain - This is another completely new company to me, and one I really like the look of. Quinola use organic ingredients, which are also sourced under Fair Trade. Their production process is done in such a way that the carbon footprint of their products is minimal. Osian is yet to try it but I'm sure he will love it. 

MAM Anti Colic Bottle - We've never used these bottles but I've heard good things about them. I know many babies benefit from having an Anti Colic Bottle.

Multi-Mam Compresses -  Another one for breastfeeding mums, it's a treatment for sore nipples, and prevents infection. It supports the natural healing process and neutralizes harmful micro-organisms in a natural and safe way.

I think it's great that there are products included for families that bottle feed and families that breastfeed. Apart from MAM I hadn't heard of any other of the companies, so thanks again to Nonabox for introducing me to some new ones, which clearly sell some good things.

Disclaimer - I was sent the box the purpose of an honest review, all words and opinions are my own.

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