Friday, 23 January 2015

Flashback Friday - 23rd January

I've found the perfect new linky for my to join in. I love looking back at old photos of Osian, I study them taking in everything, how much he's changed, think back to what happened on that day or at least what was going on when I took the photo. I also try and think back to how life was, and how Osian was at that age. As bad as my memories become these days somehow I easily remember these things.

The photo I have chosen for this week was taken just over a year ago, one the 1st of December 2013. Osian was 6 weeks old at the time. I was trying to get a photo to capture his cute little smile, instead I got a fair few photos of him pulling such funny faces. This is one of many photos I love from that day, infact this is one of my favourite photos of Osian.

Mummy 2 Monkeys


  1. O I didn't know about this linky , I wanted to start something similar but never got around to it . I love his expression

  2. What a CUTIE!!! Such a quizzical expression "What are you doing mummy?? Stop taking so many photos!!".
    He's adorable xx

  3. omg what a little cutie. loving that expression. Thanks for linking up over at #FlashbackFriday