Thursday, 22 January 2015

15 Months Old

I really don't feel like I can call Osian a baby any more, he's a toddler/little boy, but I'll still call him my baby!

I just realised that I've not written Osian's 14 months update, which I'm a little disappointed about. Osian walked for the first time a week after turning 13 months old, it didn't take him long before he was walking everywhere, in this past month he's started walking outside more often too. He's sometimes very good at holding hands and gets to walk for as long as he wants, but other times he just wants to run wild and it isn't always safe to let him do so, or a suitable environment. Whilst walking along next to him, or seeing him walk holding someone else's hand I realise how small he actually is! I took him to kids club for the first time the other weekend, which is in the local sports centre, the big hall his filled with all sorts of toys and plenty of room for running about, he absolutely loved it and really didn't want to leave when it finished.

Osian's bed time's still the same, he goes to bed at 7, but he now has an extra story before bed whilst he's having his milk and cuddles before bed. I found this way I can read him one of his longer stories because he'll pay attention to the book a bit longer than when he's still up and playing. Recently he's sleeping's gone a little downhill, he still goes to bed and for naps no problem but he's been waking in the night really upset or waking up really early in the morning.

Osian still thinks most animals say 'roar' but he knows that dogs say woof or 'wooo' and that ducks say something else but I'm not quite sure how to write what he says for ducks, and says 'sssss' for snakes. Osian already said 'iya' but he's now started saying 'bye'. He's also learnt to say 'ddddk' for drink, and 'mmlk' for milk. Osian tries is very best to help people put there socks and shoes on. He likes to help me brush my hair, well not help, he completely takes over! If I pretend to sleep he comes over and shakes me to wake me up.

This month Osian's taken more of an interest to colouring, last week he spent over 30 minutes colouring. Depending on his mood he will sometimes pull out one toy and spend quite a while playing with it, such as his Duplo box, he can spend quite a while putting pieces together and pulling them apart. He loves watching the washing machine, some days he'll stand there for ages. Another thing he seems love doing is cleaning, after I've wiped him clean after meal times he will usually wipe his tray with the cloth, if he gets his hands on a wetwipe he uses it to clean the floor, and he loves sweeping up, he spends ages using the dustpan and brush on the dining room floor.

Osian's quite a cuddly little boy, he often comes over and gives me and others a cuddle and goes 'awww', he still really loves his comforter teddies and they get lots of cuddles from Osian. He's started giving me kisses too, it's so sweet.

I can't believe how grown up Osian is now, He's becoming such a cheeky monkey, and has a cheeky smile to go along with it. I wonder what he'll get up to in this next month!


  1. Aww the fun begins now hes walking more. I either get woke up with a shout, shake or a kiss

  2. Aww so grown up! They still look tiny walking don't they, bless them. Hope the sleeping improves, we've been experiencing the early wake up too! Xx

  3. I remember when I started referring to my girls as toddlers. It was weird not calling them babies anymore, as that's what they still were to me! They grow up so quickly! Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  4. Ahh, he is adorable, so grown up, and what a lovely update. I hope his sleeping improves for you, my little boy is three and is still up every night-hopefully he will improve once he goes to school! x #binkylinky