Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Where has the time gone?

Seriously where has this year gone? There's just over two weeks left to this year and I honestly can't believe it. This time last year I had an 8 week old baby, who spent most of his time feeding, sleeping and getting cuddled. Now he's turning into a toddler, who is getting very good at walking about, sings along to songs by singing one note over and over, he's saying some words and learning new things everyday.

I'm so excited to spend another year with my boy, but it's seriously scared me how fast this past one has gone. Until October I got to spend every day at home with him, without any lectures to attend, deadlines for assignments or exams to revise for. Now that this next year will be full of these things I'm worried that the year will pass us even fast than our last.

I know he's still really young but it feels like he's grown so fast. I feel like I did my best to enjoy him how he was and wasn't constantly looking forward to when he could do new things. I remember when my sister was a baby I was always saying that I couldn't wait for her to do this, I couldn't wait for her to do that, and before I knew it she was doing all these things and I had not really appreciated how she was at the time. So I knew for sure when Osian was born I wasn't doing that again, but I can't help but feel as if I could have done something more to fully appreciate everything.

Since Osian has gone to nursery and I've gone to uni I can't help but feel like I'm missing out. Missing out on all the time we had together, and the things that we could do, all the days we could stay in having pyjama days, I miss it all.

Oops, feel like I've gone off on a little tangent. Basically I hope I fully appreciate this year with Osian, and that it isn't completely taken over by me stressing over uni work.


  1. I know exactly what you mean about it going fast, this year has literally gone in what seems like 60 seconds! I hope uni is going well, you're amazing to be able to do both! Xx

    1. It's shocking how fast it's gone! Thank you :) xx

  2. It always goes so fast, yet some days drag especially if it's raining and there's nothing much to do, but gotta make the most of it! Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky