Thursday, 18 December 2014

Nonabox November Review

I have always liked the idea of subscription boxes, it's a box full of surprises every month, who wouldn't like that? But it's just something I have never signed up for, and I hadn't really found one that was for me. That's until I came across Nonabox and I instantly loved the look of them. For those of you who haven't heard of them, Nonabox create the box around your baby's age, well I say baby but Nonabox accompanies you from pregnancy up until your child's two.

This is our third box, each box has had 6 high quality products, lots of which have been new to me and I've really enjoyed being introduced to new brands and products. Here's what this months box included.

Firstly we received a Sleepytot, which is completely new to me. It can be used from birth and has been designed to help babies sleep, all four of it's paws have velcro so it can hold onto different things such as the side of a cot or pram straps. It can also hold onto dummies to stop them from getting lost or to just be there for extra comfort for the baby. It's body can be used as a pillow against changing tables, which I thing is a brilliant idea, because when out and about there mostly hard tables with no comfort. Osian is really a big fan of his teddies with a blanket attached so I'm not planning on trying any different teddies for bedtime so this has gone in the toybox for him to play with, but I do think this is a really good product.

Next up is a Yoomi Feeding Bottle, I've heard good reviews about this bottle. It's naturally shaped to help making latching easy for baby. A warmer can be bought for the bottle, which warms the bottle to the temperature of breast milk in 60 seconds, and won't overheat. It's also designed in a way that it's an anti-colic bottle. If I'd have heard of this bottle a few months ago I think I would have tried it and see if Osian would take to it.

Ella's Kitchen spinach, apples and swedes. we love Ella's Kitchen so it's nice to have another one for Osian to try, I don't think just veggies would be enough of a meal for Osian. So I will put this alongside some meat or cheese one lunchtime.

Mumkind 'Bump to Baby' enhanced bar, the bar contain 18 essential nutrients. It's designed for mums to be or busy new mums, and is chocolate flavoured. I'm not sure if I still count as a new mum, so not sure if this ones for me, or shall I try it anyway? I would have probably eaten these when I was pregnant, I took vitamin tablets, but this seems like it would have been added nutrients and a little treat at the same time.

GumiGem Teething Necklace, this is completely different to all the other teething products I've seen. It's a necklace that's to be worn by Mummy and the heart is a teether for baby/child. The necklace is BPA free, and is lovely and smooth. I think we'll definitely be trying this next time Osian's teething, I really wouldn't mind wearing the necklace, I think it looks quite nice!

Last but not least, Lindt chocolate. I love this chocolate but I rarely eat it so was a lovely treat for me, thanks Nonabox. Yum yum!

I think this box contains a lovely range of different products. There are also some advent decorations to cut out and stick on the tree, or wherever else you'd like to put them.

I have really enjoyed reviewing our 3 month subscription of Nonabox, I loved having a box full of surprises at my door each month! The products were never a disappointment, although sadly some of them weren't for us, it has made me really tempted to sign up and receive a few boxes specificity tailored to Osian's age.

Disclosure - We received the box for the purpose of an honest review, all words and opinions are my own.

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