Monday, 1 December 2014

My 1st Years Wishlist - Christmas Edition

Surprisingly I've started my Chirstmas shopping early this year, I'm not usually very organised when it comes to Christmas. I've been doing most of it online this year, as my local shops aren't that great. I thought I'd share a few wishlists starting with one for Osian from My 1st Years. (I've only written one so far so if I got bogged down with uni work again the others may take a while to be up!) 

I feel a bit sad I won't be buying any 'My 1st Chirstmas' gifts or keepsakes for him this year. I can't believe this will be his second Christmas. 

So here are a few items from My 1st Years I'd love to get for Osian.

Personalised 'Do Not Open' Reindeer Sack - I'm still not sure if I'd rather buy him a personalised gift sack or a stocking, but if I were to choose the sack this is the one I'd go for.

Fair Isle Baby Onesie - I LOVE this, the pattern is lovely and I can just imagine Osian wearing it. I would definitely get it personalised in red just like in the photo above. Osian's in need of some new clothes now he's growing out of 9-12 months, and I'd love this to be one of his new outfits.

Jellycat Reindeer - I'm pretty sure Osian has enough teddies, but I think having one for Christmas would still be nice, especially a personalised one. The antlers look like something that would capture his attention as he loves fiddling with similar things on top of his toys.

Jellycat Penguin Book & Toy - Osian really loves books, I've been buying a few winter and Christmas books recently to add to his ever growing collection, and this would make a lovely addition to the book shelve, Again he has enough teddies but how cute is the little penguin?

Reindeer Slippers - I'm not sure if he'd keep slippers on because hardly ever keeps his socks on, but I would love to see him him wearing these. If left on they will be perfect for keeping his little feet warm now it's getting colder, can imagine them being used for out and about and whilst playing in the house.

Snowman Pyjamas - I love Osian wearing stripy trousers, they're just so lovely. This pyjama set really caught my eye. I love the simplicity of it.

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  1. They do such cute stuff! I took advantage of their 20% off at the weekend and got a few bits. Very exciting!!