Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Bambino Miosoft Two Piece Nappy

After being sent a pack of eight reusable nappies to try out for Real Nappy Week, I have continued to use the nappies, not on a regular basis, but I go through fazes of using them. Once I'm into using them it's quite easy to keep at it. One kind of nappy I was sent in my pack was a Bambino Mio Solo, which is an all in one nappy, I remember it was my favourite in terms of it's design. When recently given the opportunity to review a Bambino Miosoft Two Piece nappy I couldn't say no!

In the pack we received there was a nappy cover, the nappy itself with a mioboost for extra absorbency, biodegradable nappy liners, a miowipe and miofresh which is an antibacterial fabric sanitiser, The nappy cover is the traffic jam print and I love it when we had it last time so I was very pleased to receive another one.

The nappy cover comes in two sizes, size one for babies under 9kg and size two for babies over 9kg. As you can see from the photo it fastens with Velcro, so can be made to whatever size needed, also meaning its simple and quick to use. The legs are double elasticated which should prevent any leaks. The cover has been designed so it can just been wiped clean and can be used a few times before having to go in the wash, whereas the nappy itself will obviously need washing after ever use. Both parts can be put in a regular wash with the rest of your washing! 

The nappy comes with a user guide which is really easy to follow. The nappy itself just needs folding in a certain way then it needs covered by the nappy cover, and it's a simple as that! The user guide also shows how to fold the nappy with the added in booster. We've tried the nappy several times, and have found the nappy very absorbent, and haven't had any troubles with any leaks. It looks super cute on Osian too!

Overall I'm very happy with the Two Piece Nappy, it looks absolutely lovely, and is very absorbent, which is one of the main things that you want in a nappy! It's a great addition to our nappy collection.

While writing this I've been thinking that I really ought to use our cloth nappies more often, they are very simple to use and come along with many benefits, such as saving money and being way more environmentally friendly than disposables, in fact they are up to 40% better for the environment. Another reason I personally really like them is the gorgeous prints, and how much nicer the cloth nappies look compared to disposables.

Disclosure - We were sent the nappy for the purpose of an honest review. All words and opinions are my own.

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