Friday, 19 December 2014

Baby's First Christmas

Last Christmas Osian was only two months old and I was a little stuck on what to buy him. Here's a little gift guide for if anyone else is stuck, it's a mixture of things I did buy and things I wish I had bought. I feel a little sad I'm not buying any 'My First Christmas' things this year. 

1. Personalised Stocking - I really wish I had bought a personalised stocking for Osian last year, I was meaning to buy him on this year too but still haven't gotten around to it!

2. Baby's First Christmas Music Box - How cute are these!? Osian's got a little music box that he still loves to listen to and watch the figures go around. I wish I had seen these Christmas for sale last year as I would have loved to buy him one.

3. Personalised Sack - I think it would be lovely to have a Christmas Sack for a baby's first Christmas and to continue to use it every year after.

4. My First Christmas Comforter  - If I'd have know how much Osian would love these sort of teddies I would have definitely bought one of these for him.

5. First Christmas Decoration - There's lots of different first Christmas decorations out there but I personally really like the style of this one. Sorry the photo isn't as good as I took it myself!

6. Christmas Bib - We didn't buy any Christmas bibs last year, but we got a fair few given to us. I have kept them all and used some that still fit this year.

7. Baby's 1st Christmas Photo Album - We got something similar as a gift last year and it's lovely to have a photo album that's solely filled with photos from Osian's first Christmas.

8. My 1st Christmas Babygrow - Once again there are loads of designs available, but I think it's really lovely to have such a babygrow, or maybe pyjamas or an outfit.

9. My First Christmas Santa Hat and Mittens - Osian had this exact set without the personalisation and I loved it. The mittens are in his keepsake box.

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  1. I'm still searching here in Dublin for a good Christmas sack for the kids. Totally forgot to get a decorations for little mans first Christmas... Woops! Great post!