Wednesday, 10 December 2014

A Quick Morning Trip

Since going back to uni I haven't really been anywhere exciting with just myself and Osian. We've been on plenty of trips to Tesco, but that's about it really. Since Osian has dropped to one nap a day, I've been trying to keep him awake for longer in the mornings, so that he either has a lunchtime or afternoon nap. Having just a morning nap wasn't working out very well as he was way too tired later on in the day. On Sunday I decided to try and make the most of our new morning time together, and also try to keep him occupied so he lasts until a bit later before needing a nap, so we went for a little outing.

I decided to go to the National Slate Museum, I've been many a time before and I think this was Osian's fourth or fifth time. It's a nice place to visit, plus it's free entry, so I don't mind looking around again and again!

We got there for it opening so it was nice and quiet. Firstly we went around the rooms which have lots of information about how Quarries used to work, I didn't read any because I thought Osian may get bored so we had a nice look at the models of the quarries and surrounding villages that are in the room. Next we headed to the cafe where Osian had a snack and I had a nice cup of tea. We then went to the park but everything was soaking wet, Osian really wanted to go on the slide but it was far too wet, he had fun playing with the little puddles of water on it instead. Then up in the lift we went to see the big water wheel, Osian seemed to like watching it go around. Whilst at the wheel I realised we best be heading home, on the way back to the car we walked through all the old work station displays that were decorated all Christmasy, Osian loved watching the lights as we went past, he seemed quite fascinated actually.

I do wish we could have had a bit longer just the two of us on our morning out, because I was having such a lovely time and Osian seemed to be enjoying himself too. Hopefully we'll have a chance to again sometime soon.


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely trip, love the picture of Osian with the slide, so cute! I blame this weather for staying in a lot now, too cold to venture out far haha xx

    1. We did, thank you :) me too, I think he looks so grown up in the photo! Xx

  2. Sounds like a lovely morning out, I really dot like parks when its been wet, as one of the girls always ends up soaked by finding a hidden pool of water. #binkylinky

  3. Lovely pictures. It sounds like a great morning, just the 2 of you. #binkylinky

  4. Aww sounds like a lovely time :) I'm looking forward to doing things like this with Squidge when he's a bit older :)

    Mummy Pixie

  5. It sounds like a lovely day out with just you and Osian. It can be difficult to go to one nap a day so doing things like this to keep Osian awake and exciting are great. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

  6. I am an Architecture graduate in my country so imagine how excited I was when I saw oohhhh Slate Museum! Looks like a fun place and I would really want to go and see this! best bit is its FREE! #binkylinky

  7. It looks like you had a nice trip out. So good that it's free too! Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky