Monday, 17 November 2014

Stress Free Print Calendar Review

I actually don't have a calendar for this year. I've kept meaning to get one, but somehow it's now November and I still don't have one. So when I saw a tweet asking for bloggers to review a calendar from Stress Free Print, I had to get in touch. 

Stress Free Print produce a choice of a few different calendars. They sell wall calendars, which come in different sizes, plus the option of wire bound or hole punched. They also print desk calendars, which can be in a CD style, a flip calendar or a tent one.

I opted for a wire bound wall calender and chose to have the size A3 Portrait.

I love all things personalised, so the want of a calendar plus the added factor of personalisation means this is just perfect for me. I was asked to send in 13 photos, one for each month plus a cover. It took me ages to choose the photos. I probably have about a million photos of Osian so it was quite a task to chose just a few.

I chose photos both in black and white and in colour, and the print quality of both was equally great. The pages are really good quality. For something that's going to be hanging on the wall I wouldn't want anything that was flimsy or not up to scratch quality.

The boxes for each date have enough room to jot down any plans, birthdays, appointments, etc. Although in the past I've tended not to write anything on my calenders, with the amount of things I now have to remember due to going back to uni I really need somewhere I can write everything and I'll never forget to look at the calendar.

The making of the calendar really is stress free. All I had to do was send in my photos and they took care of the rest. I was sent 10 calendars! I thought there had been a mistake so I got in contact and it turns out everything was correct, so thank you Stress Free Print for helping out with some Christmas presents!

If you were interested in having a calender like mine and wanted 10, it costs £71.80, which means each calendar costs only £7.18 each, the more you order at once, the cheaper each calendar becomes, so would be handy for ticking off lots of Christmas presents at once!

Disclaimer - I was sent the calendars for the purpose of an honest review, all words and opinions are my own.

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