Saturday, 1 November 2014

Osian's First Ride

Last Saturday we went out to buy a late birthday present for Osian, we went to buy him a trike. WE had gone to the shop a fair few weeks ago whilst Osian was in nursery for the morning, and we had our heart set on this trike for Osian, but when we went back last weekend they didn't sell that particular one any more. So we spent ages in the shop deciding which one to buy, eventually we came to an agreement and bought the trike.

That evening the trike was set up and Osian had a little whiz around the living room. The weathers been very unpredictable recently so I was really hoping the following day would bring nice weather. Thankfully the weather was quite good, we had a little shower in the morning, but the rest of the day was a lovely Autumn day it wasn't too windy and the rain stayed off for the rest of the day. This meant Osian could have a proper ride on his trike outside, and he loved it. He had huge smiles on his face (until the moment I got camera out, typically) and seemed to just be having a great time. Hopefully we will get a change to go out with his trike again this weekend.

I probably took about a million of photos, and I wanted a share a few, but my few turned into 8!

I think it's fair to say Osian enjoyed his first ride!


  1. Bless him he really looks like he loves in riding along on his trike. great design too with the juice holder. I hope we have more lovely autumn days for Osian to enjoy his new trike outdoors. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids

  2. Awww! The second to last picture is amazing, what a gorgeous smile! We were thinking of getting a trike for Indie's 1st birthday but we decided against it, the weather is going to be far too poor at the end of November she wont use it! xx

  3. We've already decided we're getting the little one a trike for her 1st birthday in March, he looks like he's having loads of fun! x