Monday, 3 November 2014

Osian's First Birthday Tea Party

I can't believe Osian's little party was a whole two weeks ago. The time has absolutely flown by, it feels like it was a few days ago not two weeks.

I had no idea what to do for Osian's first birthday, I wanted to do something that he would enjoy and we wanted to have his family included, we decided to have a little family party at lunch time.

I have never hosted anything before and served food so I had no idea what to buy, I went a little crazy shopping the day before but think I bought just the right amount, there was only a tiny bit leftovers, and leftovers meant that everyone had eaten enough, and not too much meant there wasn't much waste.

I made the cake myself, I wasn't very happy with how the bottom part came out looks wise, but I think it tasted okay. I just hope everyone else thought it tasted okay too! Osian's Aunty Beth made some lovely fairy cakes. The rest of the food was just standard party food really.

We decided to Baby Mickey Mouse as a theme, and his cake smash had the same theme. I didn't buy many things Mickey Mouse, but anything I did buy I bought to go in the theme, such as plates, napkins, etc.

The day went perfectly, Osian enjoyed himself all day, and loved having his family around. He was very lucky and was given some lovely gifts. I really enjoyed his party, and hope everyone else did too.

I really regret not taking more photo's, I hardly have any of Osian, however I do have loads of his big cousin Mia posing! 


  1. That looks like a lovely tea and I do like your cake! It's quite satisfying when you know you got the balance right on the food - I usually end up with too many leftovers too but manage to get it about right for Sophie's party. Osian looks like he enjoyed himself and had a lovely birthday x

  2. Aww sounds like it was lovely! The cake and food looked great (I'm worried about the food for ours too haha) xx