Monday, 17 November 2014

Life lately

I feel like I haven't written on here in months, I've not been into blogging and social media for the past few weeks really.

The main reason for my little blogging break has been the amount of uni work I've got to do. It's been quite an adjustment going back, I've been finding it hard to find the time to get everything done, but I'm slowly getting used to it.

Well to be honest there isn't much to report with regards to what we've been up to. The combination of uni, nursery and a new job doesn't leave much time for us all to things together. I do get Wednesdays off at the moment, which I'm very thankful for, I love having a day in the middle of the week I get to spend with Osian. I try to take him somewhere, but the weather hasn't been all the great for the past few Wednesdays. Last week we took him to a soft play centre for the first time, we decided to go and see if it's busy or not first, because one of us could take him down the slides and climbing if it wasn't, as I think he's too little to go around on his own at the moment. I'm quite sad I don't have any full days off next semester, but I finish much earlier every day so it'll beat coming home after 6 and barley seeing Osian before he goes to bed.

Osian's been growing and changing very fast recently, he seems to be becoming cheekier by the day too! I wasn't sure if I was going to continue writing his monthly updates after his first birthday but I've decided to carry on for now, so you will be able to read all about what he's been up to this past month on. I should have that post up on the 22nd.

I've probably forgotten a lot but that's been our lives lately.

I nearly didn't upload this photo because I'm not too keen on myself in it, but I just had to because look how happy Osian looks!

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  1. I can only imagine how busy you are! I thought working and having a baby was tough, let alone uni. You are so amazing to do it all, and find the time to blog! Xx