Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Feeling like a bah humbug?

Christmas has always been a time of year that I get excited about. Even when I was getting older and wasn't excited for myself I'd get excited for it with my sister. Then last year I was so excited for Osian's first Christmas.

Then there's this year, and I'm seeing lots of things to do with Christmas and there's nothing there, maybe it's too early for me? Maybe in a few weeks I'll be getting excited for it? I do hope so. It's nice having a time of year that I can think back on and remember the excited feeling.

I think uni is a big factor in my lack of excited. I've got assignments due in soon and class tests this week, which are taking up so much time and effort there's no room for excitement. Plus a few weeks after Christmas I have all my exams, meaning I can't think about Christmas without the realisation I'm giong to have lots of revising to do over the Christmas period.

All this being said I have started my Christmas shopping I'm trying to be organised this year, and I can't be bothered with the last minute rush in shops so busy you can't get a good look on what they have for sale.

If your still reading this I do apologise for my moaning. I just needed to get it out somewhere.

Who knows I might wake up with tons of Christmas excitement tomorrow morning? There's still over a month to go, so I think I will start to get excited at some point.


  1. Aww it is hard to get excited when life is so busy isn't it. To be honest the kids are already counting sleeps, writing lists etc but my brain just hasn't caught up with them yet. Too much is happening between now and then! We'll get there, and it will be lovely xx

  2. I'm one of those annoying people that gets super excited about Christmas really Early! :) Hopefully once your uni work is over you'll have time to get into the festive season more :)

  3. A busy life can consume us and I know I would go out of my MIND if I wasn't almost done already, but thats only because I start in June! With 5 kids its a needs must! You'll get there, we all do! Thanks for linking up with #MMWBH x