Saturday, 22 November 2014

13 months old

This seems to have been a huge month development wise. Osian just seems to have grown up loads recently. He’s still taking a few steps at a time, I think three has been the most he’s done in one go. He can stand for quite a while unsupported now but just doesn’t quite have the balance for walking more than a few steps, it’s crazy to see him standing around rather than sitting or having to hold onto something while standing.

Osian is now starting to put things together rather than demolishing everything. For example he used to completely empty his book shelf by throwing everything on the floor, whereas now the books go on the floor then back on the shelf. He tries to build his stacking cups, he can sometimes manage to put on perfectly on top of the other, whereas before the cups would get build for him, then knocked over with no attempt to put them back together. There are quite a few more examples of him putting things back together. It’s lovely to watch his concentrated face while he’s figuring out what to do.

His favourite thing still seems to be books at the moment, he loves getting stories read to him or flicking through the book by himself. He’s got a few animal books and says ‘roaaar’ to lots of the big cats and bear, and sort of says woof to the dogs, or say ‘doh’.

Osian has started giving me cuddles, he used to want carried and held a lot but never really used to lean into me unless he wasn’t feeling very well, whereas now he quite often leans into me and gives me a cuddle, more so days when he’s been at nursery. 

Overall he’s still a good sleeper, he goes to bed at 7 and most nights he falls asleep no problems, we do get the odd evening where it’s difficult, but thankfully these are a minority. We have to be home for nap times because he won’t fall asleep in the car easily anymore unless it’s a long distance drive and hasn’t fallen asleep in the pram for months and months, he’s way too nosy for that and will fight his sleep until he gets to his bed.

One thing that he’s been doing recently that I was hoping would stay off for a while are mini tantrums. If he points at something and doesn’t get it or gets picked up because he’s going somewhere he isn't supposed to he doesn't like it at all. Thankfully he’s still easily distracted and will forget about it quite quickly.

He doesn't seem to be learning many ‘new’ things at the moment but all the things he was already doing are advancing making him act a lot more grown up than last month.

I feel like this doesn’t do him justice in explaining how much he’s changed but this is the best I can do for now. 


  1. Where did that last month go?! I reckon he'll be running around by Christmas, once he gets his balance he'll be off haha. Gorgeous pictures! Xx

    1. I've been thinking the same thing! I will be sure to let you know if he is! thank you :) xx